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I am trying to update the site  / Michael Ellis (Grandson)  Read >>
I am trying to update the site  / Michael Ellis (Grandson)
This may be the easiest way to get to everyone, I am trying to update the site,I have started putting the family tree on here, but I need photos from everyone to get it finished. Either send them through Kathy, or E-mail the photos you want added to me at Thank You Close
So Very Sorry for Your Loss  / Melissa Eiler (Visitor~Daughter of Irwin & Renee Eiler )  Read >>
So Very Sorry for Your Loss  / Melissa Eiler (Visitor~Daughter of Irwin & Renee Eiler )

My dad  / Kathy Sewell (daughter)  Read >>
My dad  / Kathy Sewell (daughter)
Daddy, I think about you all the time, but mostly in the spring. You would sit by the livingroom window and watch for the first robin, I do that now. You've been gone two years and not a day goes by that I don't think about you and mom. I was looking at you're web site for the first time in a year and Tyler seen me crying. He asked me why I was crying and I said I miss my dad. He looked at me and said "Booboo, hims at home" out of the mouths of babes. Darian draws pictures for his "old papaw", so he still remembers you. Daddy, we have four grandchildren, course, I believe you already know that. Daddy none of can imagine the beauty and sunshine you and mom are enjoying but someday you'll give us the grand tour. I am so proud to be your daughter and to know I had such wonderful parents. I love you so very much and miss you even more. Close
Daddy / Wallace Judy (oldest daughter )  Read >>
Daddy / Wallace Judy (oldest daughter )
Daddy it has been two years since the Heavenly Father came and took you home.  You are so missed and there are times I just don't think I can go on without you.  I miss so much of you.  Your smile, you stories, your wisdom, your voice, I could just go on and on but I think you get the idea.  I've gone through alot of health problems and have had 3 surgies(two of which were brain surgies because of a tumor)but I just feel you were there holding my hand and encouraging me not to give up.  I thank God for the Mom and Dad He put me with.  I thank you and Mom for the christian home you raised me in, as it is what is getting me through the rough times. The girls and I are still having sisters night once a month and are still spending time on our sisters retreat.  We still talk our our memories of you and Mom and of course your baby Cricket.  God is so good and I intend to do and be all God wants and one day we will have one big family reunion.   I love you both and always are you in my thoughts.      Love Always and forever    Your Daughter   Judy Close
My Dad  / Jeanine Evans (daughter)  Read >>
My Dad  / Jeanine Evans (daughter)
My dad was the greatest dad anyone could ask for, he raised his daughters to know God as our savior and also lived his life the way he taught us.  Today dad has been gone two years but over the last two years his memory still lives on in each and everyone of us.  He has had a grandson that found his way to Christ (which dad would be thrilled) and has had several new great grandchildren born.  As time goes on so does our memories of dad and mom.  I want to live my life the way Christ has laid out in front of me so I can spend eternity with God and my parents and worship with them once again.  The greatest gift that my parents gave me was taking me to church and teaching us about God in a christian home.  Thanks dad and mom I WILL see you again Close
My memories.  / Michael (Grandson)  Read >>
My memories.  / Michael (Grandson)

Over two years ago I was introduced to a man that was full of energy and spirit. In the short time I had to get to know and love him I watched him go through good times and bad. Through everyting that came at him he always had that winning spirit everyone had become accustomed to. I also found myself sitting there and watching, not knowing at the time that I was learning. Even in the last days of grandpa's life he wasn't ever afraid. He knew the time was coming and in his calmness I learned that with the faith of God there is nothing to ever be afraid of. I love and miss you more than you'll ever know Grandpa. Thank you for opening your heart and inviting me into your family as one of your own.

I wrote a new poem about Thursdays.  / Lindsay Showalter (Grandaughter)  Read >>
I wrote a new poem about Thursdays.  / Lindsay Showalter (Grandaughter)
                               Remembering Thursdays....

Remember on Thursdays, when we would meet,
     When it would take us forever to go get something to eat.

Remember on Thursdays, how we'd all sit around,
     Drinking coffee and eating cookies, and Cricket would eat
     what fell on the ground.

I like to think about the Thursdays when it was nice outside,
     Us all in the front yard, with all the kids in sight.

Thursdays were such a great day, all of the cousins got to play.
     And all the adults got to visit, they were such great days, 
     I hated to miss it.

Remember what a special day Thursday used to be,
     That Grandpa even waited to pass away,
     On a Thursday.

by:  Lindsay Showalter  2/27/2007
Our chats!  / Valerie Pate (Grand-daughter)  Read >>
Our chats!  / Valerie Pate (Grand-daughter)
Grandpa-  A lot has happened this year!  How I miss being able to drive to your house for one of our chats.  I have wanted to hear your words of love and encouragement and to hear you tell me it would be ok so many times this year.   I know that even though I can't come to see you, you are always in my heart.  I love you and miss you so much!!! Close
Spring time memories...........  / Jane Lackey (youngest daughter )  Read >>
Spring time memories...........  / Jane Lackey (youngest daughter )

Daddy..Altho I miss you everyday of the year, I think I miss you the most in the spring.  As I walk thru the yard looking at the flowers I feel you are there with me.  As I prepare the ground for new flowers , I know you are on your knees beside me getting your hands dirty and helping with the planting.  I can still see how eager you were for the weather to get nice so you could "get out there and get busy" in the flower beds and working your garden.  Your tomatoes were just about all you could handle in the last few years of your spring time, but no one could grow one any better than you did.  It was always a pleasure to come home from work and see a bag with tomatoes in it (altho I was disappointed I couldn't be home to visit with you) and know they were grown and picked by you just to share with your family. And my goodness, what joy you had in  working your flowers ! In the last spring time of your life, I know how hard it was for you to just sit and watch us do the weeding and planting....your hands just itched to get dirty didn't they daddy !! It was so much fun for me to take you to pick out the flowers you wanted in the front flower bed your last spring. And the ice cream we got afterwards never tasted so sweet....I can't pass Jerrys and not think of when we went there one time for a bananna split......  I miss you so much daddy ! As it is, spring time is know for "re-birth", and I know you are having the best spring time that none of us will know till we reach the wonderful City that you are living in now. Mom wasn't much for one to work in the yard or garden, but I am sure she and Cricket are right there beside you (Cricket may be helping with the digging , eh daddy?)  I just wanted to write a spring time memory and let you know how very much I miss you and I think of you often. 

Grandpa's 1st Tux / Lindsay Showalter (Granddaughter)  Read >>
Grandpa's 1st Tux / Lindsay Showalter (Granddaughter)
I remember asking Grandpa to give me away at my wedding.  I remember how cute he was, saying that he was 79 yrs. old and this was the first time ever that he would be wearing a tuxedo.  "I didn't even wear a tux at my own wedding", he said.  So, one Saturday, me, Rod, Grandpa & Aunt Vickie went to Marion to get grandpa fitted for his tuxedo.  Grandpa drove as far as he was familiar, but once we got close to Marion, he pulled over (right on the highway, mind you) and told Rod to drive, because Rod knew where we were going.  Rod was so nervous to drive Grandpa's car.  The tuxedo shop was in a mall, so when we were done getting fitted, we had lunch at Applebee's in the mall...that was the best part of the day.  I remember Grandpa telling me that he loved me, even though I was pregnant before I was married, and he was glad me & Rod were getting married.  (Although, we did NOT get married because I was  He told us he was supportive and approved of our marriage.  Which is always good to know.
Years later, Grandpa always teased me, saying "I gave her away, but she keeps coming back."  I will always hold that cute man close to my heart!! Close
To the family  / Stephen Ellis (Grandson in law)  Read >>
To the family  / Stephen Ellis (Grandson in law)
I have created this web site to remind us of Grandpa and to keep him close to our hearts. Just to have somewhere to go and express our feelings. God bless you all !!!
(Any pictures you have and want to put on here I will be more than happy to add them.) Close
My dad / Kathy Sewell (daughter)  Read >>
My dad / Kathy Sewell (daughter)
My dad always had a story to tell no matter if it was something that happened in his childhood or something about my sisters and I.  I think what I will miss the most of all his stories are his war stories.  He was not one who didn't tell about what happened to him while he was overseas fighting for our country.  My dad was wounded fighting for this country and wanted to get back to the front lines as soon as possible.  He was never one to not finish what he started.  Because of my christian upbringing I am a christian today.  My dad walked the walk and talked the talk.  Thank you daddy for making sure us girls were raised in a strong loving home.  You and mom really done a good job. I only hope that I done as half as good of a job as you guys did.  Our family will continue to be strong and together just like we all promised you we would.  I love you both and will see you again someday. Close
My dad  / Jeanine Evans (daughter)  Read >>
My dad  / Jeanine Evans (daughter)
My dad was such a wonderful father, grandfather and great grandfather and his family meant the world to him.  Every Monday night dad and I would go out to eat and then spend the evening together.  I will always treasure those special times together.  The third Thursday of each month was dad and daughter evening and my sisters and I would meet at dad's and either go out and eat with dad until he starting failing in his health and then we would eat at "home" with him.  We would always have such a good time laughing and talking about old times together.  These are special memories that will always be with me~dad was so special and I do truly miss him but I know he is a lot better off then we are and some sweet day I will get to be with him and my mom and we will spend eternity together.  Close
Best neighbor in the world  / Jeff &. Tanett Hodge (friend)  Read >>
Best neighbor in the world  / Jeff &. Tanett Hodge (friend)
Elmer, or as Janessa called him, Misser Hollis, was a wonderful next-door neighbor, a good friend and fellow church-goer, and a truly Godly man.  Our condolences go to the family.  Please know that our prayers are with you.  May the Lord bless you with His peace, knowing that Grandpa is where He most wanted to be...with His Lord and Savior. Close
My dad.....  / Jane Lackey (youngest daughter)  Read >>
My dad.....  / Jane Lackey (youngest daughter)
My husband and I moved in with dad at the end of November 2004, as it was his desire "to go home" before he died.  To the best of my ability, I cared for him the last 4 months of his life.  He had good days and bad, but never did he lose his sense of humor.  He let me be "boss" and actually listened -- something I thought would never happen !!  During the ice storm of January of 2005, dad became discouraged and talked a lot about death (which really bothered me) so, Brad suggested doing a video of his life.  As the video progressed, he became more excited and his thoughts were on recalling his past memories instead so much on his illness.  He talked a lot of his war days, but, this was an important time in his life and he was proud of the service he did for his country.  This video will be treasured because when I get lonely for my dad all I have to do is put it in and there he is ! No it is not as good as him being here but it is real darn close.  I can see his face and smile, hear his voice and laughter.  My dad is the happiest now he has been in years because he is with his Heavenly Father and my mom (and faithful companion Cricket).  The mention of my parents name may bring tears to my eyes ,but it never fails to bring music to my ears !!  They may not be here physically anymore but their memory will live on thru our family and their stories being told over and over again.... I love and miss you both dad and mom. Close
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